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ZEC Power Inverter ZPI 500
Model No: ZPI 500
Power Inverter (DC to AC)            
Function and characteristic            
1. Input range of 12V DC to 24V DC;            
2. Output voltage range of 115V AC or 230V AC;          
3. For use in cars, boats, trucks, trailers and mobile homes;          
4. Take the power inverter to camping and get AC power for lamps, radios or TVs.          
5.In an emergency such as blackout, attach the power inverter to your car battery or portable battery and get power to run your appliances;
6.Ultra-Compact Metal Housing(Small and rugged; stored easily in any tool box, briefcase or glove compartment)    
7.Low-Battery Alarm/Shutdown(Automatically detects low voltage and shuts down to preserve your battery)      
8.Integrated Fuse Protection(Protects your battery and power inverter from damage due to outlet overload)      
9.Illuminated On/Off Switch(Shows power inverter under operating and battery charged sufficiently)
Brief Description:             
High quality portable Power Inverter certificatd with CE, CB, RoHS, ISO. Can be used in car, boat, truck, trailers and mobile home.   
Automatic alarm and shut down to protect your battery from power outages, brownouts.          
With this "Inverter" you wont have to worry about power outages or brownouts!          
Warning: To prevent fire or shock hazard do not expose this appliance to rain or moisture           
Power inverter specification            
Ideal ZPI-500          
Output power (Countinuous Watts) 500          
Output power (Peak Watts) 1000          
Nominal Input Voltage (DC) 12V (10~15V)/24V (20~30V)          
Nominal Output Voltage (AC) 115V AC or 230V AC          
Frequency 50Hz or 60Hz +/- 5%, Crystal controlled          
Output Regulation Intelligent Pwm +/- 0.5%          
Output Waveform Modified Sine wave          
Low Battery-voltage Alarm (Volts) 10.5 +/- 0.5V   /   21+/-1V          
Low Battery-Voltage Shutdown (Volts)    10+/- 0.5V   /    20+/-1V          
Efficiency 85~90%          
Thermal Protection 65℃ +/-5 ℃          
Overload Shut down / Alarm          
Battery Polarity Reverse By Fuse          
Output Short Output short Cicuit Protection          
With Cooling Fan Yes Auto-operation fan (temperature or load)          
AC Outlet USA Type: 2AC Outlets          
Replaceable Fuse (12V DC) 3 x 20A          
Replaceable Fuse (24V DC) 3 x 10A          
Product Dimension (L x W x H)cm 15.5 x 16.4 x 6.2          
Weight 1.75 kg          
Qty (PCS) 6          
Carton Measurement (cm) 53.5x 28 x 27.5          
Container 20FT (PCS) 4080          
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